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Known throughout the world for being the City of "Romeo and Juliet", Verona is an ancient city with over two millennia of history and still retains the charm of its ancient splendor.

Verona is one of the main cities of the Veneto near Lake Garda; it rises along the banks of the Adige river which since its origins has been an important communication route for the city.
Verona is one of the major Italian cities of art for the richness of its artistic and archaeological heritage.

Symbol of the city is the famous Arena, the third Roman amphitheater in Italy after the Colosseum and the Capuan amphitheater, but the best preserved.

The Arena still hosts the famous Opera Festival inaugurated in 1913 with Giuseppe Verdi's Aida to celebrate the centenary of the artist's birth.

The fame of the city in the Middle Ages is linked to the Della Scala family who ruled the city for a hundred and twenty-five years. Traces of their power like the Palazzi Scaligeri and the Arche with their burials, are today still protagonists of the city fabric.

Verona is also the city where Shakespeare set one of his most famous tragedies: Romeo and Juliet. Thousands of fans every year are attracted to retrace the places that have been the backdrop for the vecende of the two unfortunate lovers.

Verona and Sirmione – Full Day Trip from Milan

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5 cose da non perdere a Verona

  • 1 Visit the historic Arena
    The Arena of Verona is the true symbol of the city: an ancient amphitheater that hosted the gladiator shows still well preserved today
  • 2 Overlooking the famous Juliet balcony
    A must for those visiting the city is Juliet's house where you can overlook from the famous balcony that saw the birth of love between the two young lovers
  • 3 Walk in Piazza delle Erbe
    Piazza delle Erbe is one of the oldest squares in the city; it is also known as the market square and meeting place for the Veronese aperitif
  • 4 Take a picture to the famous Ponte di Pietra
    Verona is crossed by the Adige river and the most famous bridge connecting the two parts of the city is the Roman Ponte di Pietra - Stone Bridge
  • 5 Visit Piazza Brà
    Stroll through Piazza Brà, one of the largest squares in Europe overlooked by important buildings such as the Arena, Palazzo della Gran Guardia and Palazzo Barbieri, the town hall.

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