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Bernina Red Train and St Moritz

The Bernina Red Train is an engineering masterpiece: built more than 100 years ago it reaches an altitude of 2253m. Saint Moritz is one of the most famous alpine destinations in Europe.

The Trenino del Bernina is a train with the characteristic red color that connects Tirano and Saint Moritz and that climbs the Alps without the use of the rack. It is a jewel of engineering that belongs to the Rhaetian Railway and that in 2008 became part of the UNESCO Heritage.
The route of the train consists of 60km and reaches the highest point at 2253mt at the Ospizio Bernina after a drop of about 1800m.
The town of Saint Moritz is one of the most famous alpine destinations in Europe, built on the banks of the homonym lake, it has preserved an uncontaminated nature.
Saint Moritz is a city of firsts both from the sporting and urban points of view: at the end of the nineteenth century the first curling, skating and golf tournaments were held at European level; the first tourist office was opened here and the first tram line was activated.
Saint Moritz is also known for its luxury hotels and shops that make it one of the most sought after tourist destinations in Europe.

Bernina and Glacier train, two routes in one day from Milan

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Enjoy an unforgettable trip on two of the most famous mountain railways lines in the world: the Bernina line and the Glacier line. RIde the famous red train from Chur and spend the afternoon enjoying the magic of St. Moritz.
from 149.00 € per person

Swiss Alps Bernina red train and St.Moritz – Full Day Trip

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The most amazing alpine delight! Take a ride on the Bernina Red Train along one...
from 149.00 € per person

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5 cose da non perdere a Bernina Red Train and St Moritz

  • 1 Take a picture at the Brusio viaduct
    The Viaduct of Brusio, a stone bridge with a helical shape, is one of the most suggestive points of the Bernina train route.
  • 2 Admire the wonderful view at the Ospizio Bernina stop
    Ospizio Bernina is the highest point reached by the train and one of the most scenic.
  • 3 Buy the famous Swiss chocolate in Saint Moritz
    For chocolate lovers and not, in Saint Moritz you can buy Swiss chocolate, famous all over the world for its very high quality.
  • 4 Shopping in Saint Moritz
    A walk along the main streets of Saint Moritz dotted with shops of major international brands, an experience not to be missed.
  • 5 Take a walk along the lake of Saint Moritz
    In the heart of Saint Moritz there is the homonymous lake and taking a walk along its banks will allow you to enjoy a truly unique view.

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