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Lake Maggiore

A precious custodian of the wealth and cultural heritage left by noble and powerful Borromeo family, Lake Maggiore still bears witness to the prestige of its ancient past.

Lake Maggiore is an Alpine lake whose shores overlook the Italian territory and the Swiss one.
It is the second Italian lake for surface after Lake Garda and for depth after Lake Como.

The shores of the lake have been inhabited since ancient times, as evidenced by numerous finds dating back to the Iron Age.

It was in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance that the lake experienced its greatest growth with the settlement of villages and the construction of castles and patrician villas along its banks.
Established tourist destination, the fame of the lake is linked to the Borromeo family present on the territory since the fifteenth century.

The Borromean Islands, owned by the family, are known as the pearls of the lake. These are three islands (Isola Bella, Isola Madre and Isola dei Pescatori) which are located in front of the famous resort of Stresa.

Isola Bella in particular houses the important Palazzo Borromeo and the imposing gardens, which are a typical example of a seventeenth-century Italian garden, developed on terraces, a true unspoiled paradise boasting countless exotic plants and flowers of great beauty.

Lake Maggiore Full Day Trip

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Spend a day at the stunning Lake Maggiore in Italy's beautiful Piedmont region with this day trip from Milan. You'll wander the picturesque streets of Stresa, before cruising out to Isola Bella island.
from 69.00 € per person

Lake Maggiore Day Trip from Milan

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Spend a day at stunning Lake Maggiore in Italy's beautiful Piedmont region with this day...
from 99.00 € per person

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4 cose da non perdere a Lake Maggiore

  • 1 Walk along the lake of Stresa
    Stroll along the Stresa Lake admiring the Borromean Islands and the mountains that surround the area
  • 2 Visit the botanical gardens of Palazzo Borromeo
    Admire the botanical gardens of Palazzo Borromeo with a huge variety of plants and flowers. You can also meet the beautiful peacocks that live in these gardens
  • 3 Take a picture of the Sancarlone colossus
    Don't forget to take a picture of the famous Sancarlone, the colossus dedicated to San Carlo ad Arona
  • 4 Taste the local cuisine in one of the restaurants of the Pescatori island
    Try the local cuisine in one of the many restaurants in the streets of the Pescatori island

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