1951 – Founding 

Giovan Battista Zani, in repayment of a loan of money, receives a share of Autolinea Valle Brembana, a bus company specialized in the transport of the workers from Dossena (BG) to San Pellegrino Terme (BG), an important tourist village famous for its spa area.


His son Evaristo Zani takes charge of the new company, with the name "Autoservizi Zani & f.lli s.n.c", and the headquarters move to Bergamo.


We acquire the line Milan-Dolomites and open the first travel agency in Milan (Via Arco).


The first travel agency based in Milan, Foro Bonaparte, opens not far of the Sforzesco Castle. Two years later, a travel agency in San Pellegrino Terme (BG) opens.


An agency In Bergamo, whose main activity is characterized by the organization of group travel, both by bus and by other means, opens.


The use of tourist double-decker buses creates City Sightseeing Milan, followed by City Sightseeing Genoa in 2010.


The opening of the Visitor Center in Milan, a 400 square meter space in the heart of Milan with an attached fashion outlet.

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